A Brief Introduction

Juliette Cunliffe has led an interesting life and continues to do so. Following private and grammar school education she studied at Drama School for 4 years, gaining her ALAM. She worked at Coventry's Belgrade Theatre, did small television parts and some voice over work for the BBC.

In one of her 'quiet' periods, she worked as a language tutor at Berlitz Schools of Languages in London, with the intention of staying for 3 months until the theatre season started again, but this was a major turning point. She loved the work so much that she stayed with the company for 17 years. She taught in London and Paris, then became Sales Director (Midlands and North, UK) and subsequently Director of the Birmingham School, a post she held for 11 years.

For most of those years Juliette was heavily involved with the dog-showing scene, and came to the decision that she would give up her employment and devote the remainder of her life to dogs. The rest, as they say, is history. A prominent Championship Show Dog Judge, Juliette is a prolific and well-respected canine writer, with a particular penchant for canine history.


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Phones:    (00977) 980 6651591 or (00977) 986 4370450

Email:      juliettecunliffe@yahoo.co.uk   or      peacedragon@email.com

On the following pages you will learn more about Juliette's dog judging, writing and other interests in the canine world.

Although she now lives in Nepal, where she co-owns a lodge and restaurant, she still writes and judges all over the world, as much involved with dogs as she was when living in the UK.