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As a writer, Juliette has contributed to many newspapers and journals published around the world.

Amongst the most significant are The Kennel Gazette, Dog World, Dogs Monthly, The Field, Der Hondenwereld, Sighthound, Dogs In Canada, National Dog (Australia), Tibetan Breeds Yearbook, Himalayas Nepal Magazine and Our Dogs, for which she has been a regular contributor for over 25 years and their Lhasa Apso Breed Note Correspondent for well over 30 years. 

She was Editor and Publisher of the highly regarded Tibetan Breeds International Magazine, which later became the Tibetan and Asian Breeds Magazine.  She has also been Editor of breed club magazines and Year Books and compiled the first Lhasa Apso Book of Champions in the UK.

Her articles have frequently been translated into other languages for publication in many different countries of the world.

Juliette is undoubtedly one of the world's most prolific and highly respected canine authors, with in excess of 50 hard back books published to date. Please see her page on 'BOOKS' for further details.





Links to magazines for which Juliette currently writes regularly:

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Our Dogs - Britain's oldest weekly canine newspaper.  If you take out an online subscription for Our Dogs, you will be able to read Juliette's articles (and those of others of course) dating back years.


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Himalayas Nepal - An A4 glossy magazine covering Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan. Published quarterly.


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Tibetan Breeds Yearbook, first released in 2010.  Packed full of articles to interest Tibetan breed enthusiasts the world over.